A better question may be,
What do you want to do?


A better question may be, "What do you want to do?"

Do you want to exit your business, but are worried about your employees?

Do you want to reduce your hours worked per week from 60 to 30, but maintain or increase your revenue? Imagine that free time, what is it worth to you to get your life back?


We invest with small businesses with revenues of $1MM to $10MM.

We sometimes invest in smaller businesses, if conditions are right.

Roll Ups and Mergers

We merge companies together that provides a strategic advantage to each other, for example:

  • They provide services in the same industry, but operate in different somewhat nearby cities. They can take advantage of efficiencies in purchases (higher volume discounts), distribution and shipping (deliveries in each other’s areas), consolidate accounting and other software, and so forth.
  • One company is a wholesale supplier to businesses, and the other resells (or manufactures) to sell to the end consumers. The merger yields a larger market share in area and customer type.

Partial Ownership Participation

We will accept a percent ownership of a business instead of cash for consultancy fees.

We then go to work to improve the bottom line.

Everybody’s Situation is Unique.

We start with a call or in person meeting, so we can learn from you what your goals are. Alternatively, we can help you establish goals based on what the options are.